Fate of 15-acre reallocation stalled; action deferred

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star

In what could be deemed a housekeeping item this week, Shawnee city commissioners chose to defer the approval of an amendment to the Future Land Use Map of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan to reallocate 15 acres of low-density residential to high-density residential.

In order to stay in balance with the city's Comp Plan, the reallocation of about 15 acres of high-density residential is needed to replace 13.49 acres of high-density residential off E. 39th Street that were altered to alleviate a conflict for Cedar Ridge, a low density residential (R-1 Single Family Residential) subdivision; the amendment to swap the tract's distinction was approved Dec. 7 by the city commission, amending the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

A PUD request was recently denied near the intersection of 39th and Harrison.

“This change to the Future Land Use Map ensures no future high density residential acreage is lost,” City Planner Rebecca Blaine said.

She put forth some suggestions as to where the 15 acres could be relocated, like west of Kickapoo along 45th Street near the proposed new elementary school grounds, but after some discussion that led to more questions than answers, the board determined they needed more time to work out a decision.

Watch for updates.

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