Design contract OK'd for 45th St. project

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
Shawnee City Engineer Seth Barkhimer stands before Shawnee city commissioners in January as he explains an agenda item seeking to negotiate a contract with a firm for design services on the 45th Street transportation project.

The long-awaited 45th Street Transportation Project (from Leo to Bryan — about three miles) continues to move forward as Shawnee City Commissioners unanimously voted Monday to enter into a contract with CEC Corp. for professional design services.

Shawnee City Engineer Seth Barkhimer said cost of the contract, which will come out of the 302 street fund, is $227,232.

Assessments described in the contract include:

• Multimodal Traffic analysis and counts along 45th Street

• Traffic Counts at the Intersection of MacArthur and Leo Street

• Recommendations for widening 45th street based on the traffic analysis and counts

• Recommendations for pedestrian facilities

• Topographic survey

• Railroad coordination and initial exhibits

• Drainage Analysis for the six drainage crossings

• Anticipated construction phasing and recommended improvements

A map of the project area.

Not included in the current contract are construction design plans; fees for FEMA flood study models; legal descriptions or exhibits for required right-of-way and permanent or temporary easements; design of any public or private utility; construction or right-of-way staking; design of retaining walls, sheet piling or any other structural design; an environmental study or report of any kind; or geotechnical investigations and pavement design.

If the city decides to include any of those items as a supplement to the proposal, CEC will be paid for additional services through a separate agreement.

According to the project schedule, CEC could begin working within a week of the Notice to Proceed, which was March 2. Data collection and traffic analysis are estimated to take about a month each.

A preliminary engineering report could be expected the end of May.

“Phase 1 of the project will be (along 45th Street) from Leo to somewhere east of Kickapoo,” Barkhimer said. He said he wasn't not sure yet where that first phase will stop specifically.

Watch for updates.

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