Avedis recognizes, honors first responders for service

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
Shawnee Mayor Ed Bolt, second from right, stands with Avedis Foundation board members, Dr. John Robinson, at left, Sarah Haselwood, center, and Chuck Skillings, at right.  Avedis made a proclamation this week to honor first responders.

This week the Avedis Foundation released a proclamation of recognition for Pottawatomie County’s first responders.

The organization’s statement acknowledged the work of law enforcement personnel, firefighters, emergency operators and dispatchers, emergency medical technicians, search and rescue personnel, and those who put others first to protect the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our community’s first responders deserve our collective gratitude for their commitment to the life-saving work they do every day, even when doing the job puts them at risk,” Avedis Foundation Board Chair Mark Finley said.

As well as making an official statement to honor first responders, Avedis also is giving them meal tickets and goodie boxes in a gesture of honor for their service.

At left, Ed Bolt watches as Avedis Foundation board member Sarah Haselwood shares and explains the contents of a goodie box being given first responders. Avedis made a proclamation this week to honor first responders.

Avedis partnered with South Central Industries (SCI) to provide meals for Pottawatomie County’s first responders in March and April through SCI’s Special Kneads Eats and Treats food truck, whose mission is to create vocational training and work opportunities for adults with special needs.

“We are honored to accompany the Special Kneads Eats and Treats food truck to several communities in celebration of our first responders who continue to work so tirelessly on the front lines,” Avedis President and CEO Dr. Kathy Laster said.

Avedis board members Chuck Skillings, Dr. John Robinson and Sarah Haselwood were given an opportunity to read their proclamation before Shawnee City Commissioners and the public during the city's meeting Monday evening.

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