Bethel High School students making a big impact on campus

Paisley Sturgill - Bethel student and Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Member
Leadership Square groundbreaking set.

This year Bethel High School was able to form a Chick-fil-A Leader Academy with students from Mrs. Lynch’s Leadership Class and Mrs. Johnson’s Senior AP Literature Class. Throughout the year the students have participated in a “Big Thank You Project” where they chose someone in their life who deserved to be thanked for the impact they have made on the student, “Christmas Kindness Week” where socks and stuffed animals were gathered by students to donate, and finally the students were challenged to create an “Impact Project.”

The students were given time to come up with ideas for their project and after brainstorming the idea that everyone loved was to redo and uplift the area between the high-school building and the old gym. This area which is now filled with loose gravel, broken sidewalks, and tree roots is where the high school students eat lunch and is also used as a waiting space in between little league games on the weekend. The Chick-fil-A leaders have decided that with this area they wanted to level it out and add a retaining wall, add grass or turf, more seating, fix sidewalks, paint columns to represent clubs and organizations on campus and lastly open the whole area up with an archway that will hold the name for this area. After a lot of consideration “Leadership Square” was the name to best fit the area. Bethel High School’s goal is to create leaders who can go on and create big impacts on their own in the future. The students have worked hard to gather support through donations and grants to help support this project and want to thank everyone who has already helped so much in the process and who will continue to help. 

At 6 p.m. Monday, March, 22, the Leader Academy will be hosting a Leadership Square Ground Breaking Ceremony to kick off the start of the project. All members of the community, family, and friends are invited to attend.