Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police raises funds for local child

Tina Bridenstine
The Shawnee News-Star

The Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police has set up a GoFundMe account to try to raise money for a local boy.

Jackson Hollingshead, a 7-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, has been homebound due to lack of transportation, the GoFundMe page says. Because he is too big for his mother to pick up, without a van that has wheelchair access, she can't take him places, and the family's van cannot be modified for that purpose.

“From our research, there is no place that will modify the van due to it being too old,” the page reads.

Jeremy Borromeo, vice president of the Tecumseh FOP and officer with the Tecumseh Police Department, said the child's mother contacted him a while back and asked for help with her situation.

“I contacted a lot of surrounding agencies and out of state agencies looking to see what kind of assistance was available and found out there was not a lot in regards to modifying her fan and/or getting grants to assist with modification or purchasing a used van already modified,” he said.

Many of the agencies he talked to told him the best way to raise money is through a GoFundMe, so he priced what it would cost to buy a used van with modifications at a local dealership and set up the fundraising page.

“We have had a great response from the community in the short amount of time we have had the GoFundMe account up and running,” he said.

It is not something the Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police does often. Borromeo said in the three years he has been a part of the organization, this is the first fundraiser like this they have done. But he made an appeal to the community to help if possible.

“This is a family in need to better the life of their son,” he said. “Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is anyone out there that knows of a better way to help them please let me know. The quicker we get them help the better Jackson's quality of life will be.”

To donate, search for Jackson Hollingshead or Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police on GoFundMe, or go to https://gofund.me/27b671b4

Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police has set up a GoFundMe page for local 7-year-old Jackson Hollingshead.

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