Oklahoma City business EMX planting roots in Shawnee

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star

Property at 602 N. Kickapoo was just rezoned for an office and shop space belonging to ElectromagnetiX (EMX), LLC., a business from Oklahoma City.

After finding a nice fit at the northwest corner of Ridgewood and Kickapoo, the business is settling in Shawnee, general manager Chris Middleton said last week.

The established company is unique in that it will use the garage area for creating small prototype parts and utilize the office space for employees and by-appointment client visits, he said.

“We really liked how the property was built,” he said. “It looked like a home; it looked like a place you could come in and be comfortable.”

He said plans are to make the inside feel the same way, with a living room as opposed to a conference room setting.

The property at 602 N. Kickapoo was just rezoned for use as an office and shop space for Electromagnetix, LLC.

Increased traffic generation will be very minimum without a retail storefront or walk-in foot traffic, Shawnee City Planner Rebecca Blaine said.

EMX is managed (and operated) by Middleton and Wilma Schilling. Middleton has more than 20 years of experience designing motors for the commercial, industrial, energy and aerospace industries, the rezone request reads. Schilling has a master’s degree in business administration from OBU.

EMX specializes in developing new technology in the oil and gas industry.

The business is to be a much more informal and friendly version of the corporate model, Middleton said. It would be a place where ideas are created and shared around a living room instead of a board room, he said.

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“It would also be a place where you can prove it in a workshop that resembles a maker-space rather than a manufacturing plant,” he said.

In 2019 ElectromagnetiX started a collaborative agreement with Global Production Solutions (GPS) to develop a new motor; Middleton said the project is in prototype preparation phase, working to build most of the parts in the GPS facility.

Middleton said when he tested the sound of his machines, he discovered they will make about the same noise as traffic along Kickapoo — and will not be running constantly. The decibel levels he recorded were comparable, he said.

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