Shawnee district joins the Yard by Yard Community Resiliency program

The Shawnee News-Star

OKLAHOMA CITY - Shawnee Conservation District is now participating in the new Yard by Yard Community Resiliency Project. The district will recognize citizens in Shawnee who have conservation practices in their yards, and will encourage and educate others to participate.

The Shawnee Conservation District project is patterned after the Oklahoma County Conservation District’s program that launched in 2020, thanks to the two nonprofit groups Friends of Blue Thumb and the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts (with major support from The Oklahoma Conservation Commission’s Blue Thumb Program and the Soil Health Team).

“Through the Yard by Yard project, we can highlight the excellent work that community residents are already doing and encourage others to try out practices that help build resiliency within our community.” said Kevin Mink, Urban Soil health specialist from the Oklahoma County Conservation District and one of the drivers behind launching the program.

Residents who plant wildflowers, compost, and grow some vegetables might qualify for the program, and there are a lot of additional practices to consider. Some of the advantages of participating are the gift of an educational sign for the yard and wildflower seeds not only for the participant, but enough to give a friend as well. The best part of the program is supporting our always important pollinators and taking steps to build healthy soil and reduce water pollution.

Participants can go to to watch an introductory video and register for the program. Questions can be directed to the Shawnee Conservation District at 1510 N Kickapoo Ave Suite 15, 405-214-2577 or 405-765-2090.