Remaining 8 miles of Kickapoo Turnpike to get final asphalt layer

An orange Road Work Ahead sign in front of a blue sky

Construction on the remaining portion of the southern end of the Kickapoo Turnpike resumes this week. The project will complete the remaining section and allow all four lanes to open to traffic.

In January, crews opened the southern portion of the Kickapoo Turnpike to single lane traffic in both directions from NE 23rd Street south to I-40. Crews then halted construction for the remainder of the winter months.

“This turnpike uses a high-performance surface course of asphalt and has a strict temperature requirement in order to be put down and maximize the material and life of the roadway,” said Joe Echelle, OTA assistant executive director of construction and maintenance. “The asphalt material can only be put down when temperature requirements reach no less than 60 degrees day and night and crews must see rising temperatures for a two-week period.”

Crews expect to have the remaining eight miles completed by mid-summer.

The Kickapoo Turnpike is one of six individual projects within the Driving Forward program announced in October 2015 to modernize, enhance and improve safety, reduce congestion and support population growth on the turnpike system. The 21-mile connection between I-40 and I-44/Turner Turnpike helps eliminate a portion of Oklahoma City’s traffic congestion. It also improves travel from Oklahoma City and Tulsa, allowing Oklahomans to arrive safely to their destinations. The turnpike was built at a total cost of $453 million.

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