Weekly COVID-19 report: Backlog added, data figures jump for Shawnee, Pott. County

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
Shawnee residents — masked, and unmasked, attend a City Hall meeting where a mask mandate extension was up for consideration.

COVID-19 deaths in Pottawatomie County and Shawnee this week appear much higher than expected, but that's because the state data has figured in a backlog of information.

“Today we are adding approximately 1,300 previously unreported cases and 1,716 unreported deaths to the dashboard. As a result, cases for today will appear artificially high,” the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) reported Wednesday.

This brings to the count higher tallies; the U.S. is at the 556,546 mark for deaths, Oklahoma reports show 6,669 deaths, Pottawatomie County's total is at 123, and Shawnee has bumped up to 89 deaths. Those numbers are split at 11 rural and 26 Shawnee victims added over the past seven days.

In March the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) adjusted the level of information previously reported in its daily updates. Oklahoma residents can't see much of the information previously provided over the past year.


In the U.S., 30,847,348 cases have been recorded so far. There have been a reported 556,546 total deaths, compared to 525,036 a month ago. The OSDH website no longer offers data determining how many in the U.S. have recovered and how many cases are still active.

In the state, OSDH reports 423,402 have recovered of the 440,023 total cases, and marks the active case count at 9,952. A month ago active cases were at 12,286.

In the county, of the 8,201 total cases documented, 7,909 have reportedly recovered. Active cases number 169 — a month ago the figure was 211.

In Shawnee, there were 5,028 total cases reported, according to Wednesday's data. Reportedly, 4,844 have recovered. The OSDH reports active cases are now at 95, which is 11 fewer than last month.

Reporting weekly

After a year of daily reports, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has now switched gears to offer weekly updates to the state’s COVID-19 data dashboard on its website. Reports are updated on Wednesdays.

The latest version of the dashboard can be found at https://oklahoma.gov/covid19.html.

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