Governor makes Oklahoma a Second Amendment Sanctuary State by signing SB 631 into law

Oklahoma State Senate

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma is officially a Second Amendment Sanctuary State after the governor signed Senate Bill 631 into law on Monday.

Authored by freshman Senator Warren Hamilton, R-McCurtain, the measure preempts the entire field of legislation by any agency or political subdivision of the state to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of Oklahoma citizens.

The measure also states any federal, state, county or municipal act, law, executive order, administrative order, court order, rule, policy or regulation ordering the buy-back, confiscation or surrender of firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition from law-abiding citizens of this state will also be unlawful as an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

“Monday was a great day in our state’s history, since we officially became a Second Amendment Sanctuary State,” Hamilton said. “This is especially pertinent now given the attacks on our Second Amendment rights by the Biden administration. Because the governor signed Senate Bill 631 into law, the firearms, magazines, ammunition and other gun accessories you can legally own under Oklahoma and United States law will always be legal for you to own, at least here in Oklahoma. I’m incredibly grateful to my colleagues for their support as we moved this bill through the legislative process.”

The House principal author of the measure was Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy.

“Continued federal overreach on the part of the current administration shows just how vital this piece of legislation is,” Roberts said. “Here in Oklahoma, we have made it clear that we will protect the constitutional right of our citizens to keep and bear arms against all challengers, and I’m proud to have helped carry this bill across the finish line.”

The bill was heavily supported in both the Senate and House, with 15 senators and 25 representatives signing on as co-authors of the measure, including Sen. Shane Jett, R-Shawnee;Sen. Zack Taylor, R-Seminole; Rep. Danny Williams, R-Seminole.

The measure went into effect immediately upon the governor’s signature.