Eleven fallen officers to be dedicated on Oklahoma memorial

The Shawnee News-Star

The names of eleven (11) law enforcement officers and one (1) K-9 partner who died in the line of duty in Oklahoma will be dedicated on the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial during the 53rd Annual Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial Service, scheduled for Friday, May 7, 2021 at 10 a.m.

The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial is the oldest state memorial honoring its fallen officers in the United States and was dedicated May 15, 1969. The memorial is located on the west grounds of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Headquarters, 3600 M. L. King Avenue in Oklahoma City.

The eleven fallen officers and one canine partner being dedicated are:

Jesse Whitfield Morris, Deputy Sheriff, Washita County, died February 3, 1910 from complications from a gunshot wound to his lungs on December 8, 1900 attempting to arrest three men who were causing a disturbance.

John Sanders, Deputy Sheriff, Adair County, died September 14, 1915 during a shootout at a dance where he had arrested several bootleggers.

W. H. Corder, Deputy Sheriff, Ottawa County, was shot and killed October 23, 1917 as he entered a store that he had attempted to search for illegal whiskey the night before but for unknown reasons was unable to search the store at that time.

Raymond Thomas “Buck” Boston, Sheriff, Montgomery County, Illinois, died July 23, 1947 in a traffic accident on US 66 near Sayre along with the prisoner that he and one of his deputies, were transporting from Arizona back to Illinois for trial.

Dale Maloy Harbolt, Special Agent, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Treasury Department, died June 7, 1976 when the ATF Cessna aircraft he was piloting from the ATF office in Dallas, Texas, crashed when it had a fuel problem and struck power lines in Oklahoma City.

John Chukwydiut Okafor, Corporal, Detention Officer, Tulsa County, died the afternoon of April 15, 2020 within an hour of suffering an on-duty heart attack in the Tulsa County jail.

Craig Vincent Johnson, Sergeant, Tulsa Police Department, died June 30, 2020 from gunshot wounds received early the morning of June 29th while backing Officer Aurash Zackeshan, who was also wounded, by the driver of a vehicle he had made a traffic stopped on.

Jeffery Wade Sewell, Captain, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, died September 26, 2020 from complications of the Covid-19 virus he had contracted on duty and admitted to a Denison, Texas hospital on September 5, 2020.

Jerad Matthew Lindsey, Officer, Tulsa Police Department, died October 28, 2020 from complications of the Covid-19 virus he had contracted on duty and admitted to a Tulsa hospital on October 19, 2020.

Billy Dewayne Allen, Sr., U.S. Department of Defense – Fort Sill Police Department, died December 6, 2020 from complications of the Covid-19 virus he had contracted on duty.

Lindal “Dewayne” Hall, Chief Deputy Sheriff, McIntosh County, died December 14, 2020 from complications of the Covid-19 virus he had contracted on duty two weeks earlier.

Canine Partner Oli, Muskogee Police Department, died the evening of July 1, 2020 at a veterinary hospital soon after being founddunrersonsive in his canine unit by his handler Officer Taylor Hignite shortly after being placed ther following a tracking exercise at the Muskogee Police Department gun range.

For more information on these officers or any of the other over eight hundred officers who have died in the line of duty in Oklahoma go to the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial web site www.oklemem.com\