Restrooms to be replaced at lake park

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
The proposed design of a restroom unit considered to replace outdated facilities at Glenn Collins Park at Shawnee Twin Lakes.

Residents will soon have an improved and much-welcomed experience when visiting Glenn Collins Park at Shawnee Twin Lakes.

Shawnee City Commissioners just approved the purchase of a new prefabricated restroom unit to be installed at the park.

“This unit will replace the two severely outdated, primitive restrooms currently in use,” Public Works Director Brad Schmidt said.

The new two-restroom facility will offer running water, he said.

“We looked at a cinder block structure,” Schmidt said. “It was very difficult to get that together.”

He said he has seen prefab units like the proposed facility at a nearby state park, and began researching the option.

“(These are) the industry standard, at this point,” he said.

Schmidt said as part of the contract the company would do all the assembly.

“All we would do is the pad work to get the site ready,” he said. “They'll come in and set it.”

Winter months shouldn't be an issue, as such units have heaters in them, he said.

It is unclear at this point if the structure will be available 24/7 or locked during certain hours.

“With additional security, they may be 24/7,” Schmidt said. “I would say, initially, we will probably operate them during park hours.”

Aside from the basic amenities, the proposed unit would also include a baby changing station, skylights, electric hand dryers, and a water fountain on the exterior wall.

City Commissioners voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the purchase. Shawnee City Commissioners Daniel Matthews, of Ward 1, and Bob Weaver, of Ward 2, were unable to attend the meeting.

The cost of the structure will be $68,120. Its purchase was accounted for in the city's 2021 budget.

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