Shawnee Main Street bridge, originally installed in 1930, is on track for replacement

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
The bridge on the 600 block of East Main Street is being slated for reconstruction.

A contract for design and construction plans was approved by Shawnee city commissioners this week, after Shawnee City Engineer Seth Barkhimer said one of the community's bridges is in need of replacement.

The bridge, on the 600 block of East Main Street, was originally installed in 1930, he said.

CEC Corp. was previously contracted to prepare hydraulic and engineering reports for the Main Street Bridge over Shawnee Creek.

“Every two years, every bridge in the city is inventoried and inspected by a third party,” he said. “The last couple cycles the Shawnee bridge at Tucker Street has received substandard reports.”

As a result, the East Main Street bridge has been inspected biannually for some time now, he said.

The city put together a hydraulic engineering report for the eventual replacement of the bridge, Barkhimer said.

On Monday he recommended the city replace the bridge as soon as is practical.

The bridge on the 600 block of East Main Street is being slated for reconstruction.

CEC’s proposed design contract is summarized below:

Scope Items:

• Roadway Plans (East Main Street and a portion of North Tucker Avenue)

• Waterline Relocation Plans

• Traffic Plans

• Bridge Plans

• Private Utility Relocation Coordination

• Railroad Coordination

• Geotechnical Investigation

• Bidding Services

• Construction Administration

• As-built Drawings

The purpose of this project is to replace the bridge over Shawnee Creek on existing alignment with minimal impacts to the roadway, Barkhimer said in a memo on the ommission agenda.

The proposed bridge for the project is a double-celled reinforced concrete box (RCB) culvert with two cells each, of 16-foot span and 10-foot height.

Design plans will be prepared for the construction of the project including the reconstruction of approximately 85 feet of East Main Street and approximately 60 feet of North Tucker Avenue.

Barkhimer said the design phase of the project would take about 32 weeks, after which the bidding process could begin.

“We looking at about a month and a half there,” he said. “Construction timeline is about 180 to 220 days, so all, in total, we're looking at 65 weeks from notice-to-proceed on the design to construction completion.”

The design contract amount is for $177,362 total on the proposed engineering fee.

After review, Barkhimer said he recommends the city award CEC’s proposed contract.

The project would be funded out of the 302 street-fund, he said.

Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of the contract with CEC.

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