Kickapoo South widening project will cause temporary street light outage

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
Kickapoo, looking north toward St. Benedict Catholic Church, in Shawnee.

Residents along the south end of Kickapoo are being forewarned about what to expect as preparations continue for the upcoming Kickapoo South street-widening project.

According to a Facebook post, the City of Shawnee recently has issued a statement warning residents that once the project begins, that strip of road will temporarily have no lights.

“Be advised when planning travel that this stretch of road will be dark,” the post reads.

Kickapoo Spur, looking south, in Shawnee.

No date has been announced yet as to exactly when the project will start, plans are ramping up; the project is on the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's (ODOT) list to begin this year, as part of its Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP). ODOT plans to pay for the $14 million in improvements through state funds.

The Kickapoo South widening project will involve the strip of road between Kickapoo Spur — where the Kickapoo North widening project ended in 2016 — and Farrall Street.

There were a lot of growing pains during the Kickapoo North project — which began in early 2013 — as nearly all of the roadway between Interstate 40 and Kickapoo Spur is commercial property. Many business owners encountered various challenges while construction caused limited access to their storefronts.

The corner of Kickapoo and Highland in Shawnee.

Though Kickapoo South will soon follow suit — experiencing a lengthy high-construction situation, the majority of the project will most directly affect certain residential areas, so the level of traffic issues may not be as significant.

Kickapoo North experienced several delays during construction; the project took more than three years to complete. An estimate of how long Kickapoo South will take is still unknown at this time.

Watch for updates.

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