COVID-19 update: cases up nearly 2,700 in Oklahoma this week

Pott. County adds 44 cases

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
The flowerbeds at Shawnee’s hospital are filled with pinwheels that represent each local patient who recovered from COVID-19 and was able to go home to his or her family.

The number of new COVID-19 cases are rapidly climbing across the state, according to this week's report from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). In Pottawatomie County, 44 new cases were added — 18 higher than the recorded 26 last week. Shawnee reports 26 new cases compared to 15 last week and 10 the week before.

Fortunately, no new COVID-19-related deaths have seen reported in Pottawatomie County in the past month and a half.

In March the OSDH adjusted the level of information previously reported in its daily updates. Oklahoma residents can't see much of the information previously provided over the past year; gender and age of victims are no longer available, but deaths are still being reported, along with their general location.

Pottawatomie County COVID-19 vaccine tracker:33% of people fully vaccinated

Lincoln County COVID-19 vaccine tracker:28% of people fully vaccinated

According to the OSDH, the U.S. is at 607,771 deaths, compared to 605,905 last week — an increase of 1,866. Oklahoma reports now show 7,417 deaths, an increase of 11 in the past seven days. Pottawatomie County's total continues to hold at 131 and Shawnee still sits at 94. The last report of deaths in the county was June 2, when one Shawnee death was marked; the week before — in the May 26 report — there was one rural death and one from Shawnee.


In the U.S., 33,914,880 cases have been recorded so far. That's an increase of 406,013 since last month at this time, when the total was 33,508,867. The OSDH website no longer offers data determining how many in the U.S. have recovered and how many cases are still active.

In the state, OSDH reports 461,893 total cases, and marks the active case count at 3,458, an increase of 1,134 active cases compared to last week. For more than two months, the weekly rise in new cases had averaged around 1,000 — though recent spikes have shown a rise — 1,504 the week of June 30; 1,715 last week; and 2,688 this week.

In the county, of the 8,487 total cases documented, 8,312 have reportedly recovered. Active cases number 44 — up 18 from last week; a month ago the figure was seven.

In Shawnee, there were 5,163 total cases reported, according to Wednesday's data. Reportedly, 5,043 have recovered. The OSDH reports active cases are now at 26, which is 24 more than a month ago, and nine more than last week.

Reporting weekly

After a year of daily reports, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) switched gears in March to offer weekly updates to the state’s COVID-19 data dashboard on its website. Reports are updated on Wednesdays.

The latest version of the dashboard can be found at

After a vote from Shawnee City Commissioners, the city's mask requirement in public spaces ended April 30, though businesses can — and may — still choose to uphold the rule on private property.


There are reportedly more than 1.5 million Oklahomans fully vaccinated, according to the OSDH, with an added 300,000 having at least one dose.

The Pottawatomie County Health Department, at 1904 Gordon Cooper Drive, is offering free COVID-19 vaccinations and testing for those who are 12 years old and older. Call (405) 273-2157 for more information.

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