Shawnee City Commissioner Bob Weaver resigning from Ward 2 post

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
In this file photo, Ward 2 Shawnee City Commissioner Bob Weaver addresses an issue during a Shawnee City Commission meeting.

On Tuesday Ward 2 Shawnee City Commissioner Bob Weaver announced he will be leaving his post.

He said he has plans to move out of Ward 2 when his lake lease is transferred to a new owner in October. According to Shawnee City Code, whoever holds a commission post must live in the ward they represent.

“I regret that, but my wife and I made a decision that's in our best interest that we're moving into town,” he said. The couple will be moving from Ward 2 at Shawnee Lake into Ward 1 in town, he said.

“When I got elected, I hadn't had neck surgery, I hadn't had back surgery, and I hadn't had a stent from a heart issue,” he explained. “More than anything, it's a health issue to try to get to something that's more manageable for me at my age and energy level of what I want to try to maintain as a lawn.”

That leaves only two remaining city commission meetings Weaver will serve before stepping down — Sept. 20 and Oct. 4.

According to city code, when Weaver leaves, the board will have 60 days to appoint someone to fill the rest of the term, which will end in 2024.

Weaver's departure leaves another temporary gap in city leadership as Shawnee continues to seek a new city manager and finance director. Interim City Manager Eric Benson just hired a new planning director/assistant city manager, naming Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer to the position. City commissioners confirmed the hire Tuesday.

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