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Shawnee dog saved by SPAR despite COVID-19 impact

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Libby, a 20 pound border collie mix, was rescued by SPAR July 4 and needed surgery to live.
After reaching out to the public, SPAR was able to raise money for Libby’s surgery and she’s now happy, healthy and with her forever family.

Despite the negative financial impact of COVID-19, Saving Pets At Risk (SPAR) has helped numerous animals including border collie mix Liberty or Libby, who was thrown out of a car after being shot in the face.

According to Kim Landholt, SPAR Digital Media Coordinator, on July 4 the animal rescue was contacted by a Shawnee man who found Libby after she was tossed out of the car. 

“Libby would be dead if SPAR hadn’t stepped in and our supporters stepped up,” Landholt said. “(Our volunteers) went to get her. It was no easy task because she'd become entangled in vines in a bed of poison ivy.”

Landholt said once volunteers were able to retrieve Libby, they took the dog to Dogwood Veterinary Hospital.

The media coordinator said SPAR called upon the public to help raise money for a surgery Libby desperately needed.

“The bullet went in one side of her face and came out the other, slicing through her throat, ripping through her tongue where it attaches at the back and most significantly tore through her vocal cords (larynx) and damaged her epiglottis,” Landholt said.

While her injuries were life threatening, Landholt said the community came together and raised enough money to pay for Libby’s medical bills to save her life.

“Libby was fostered by the Littles, a Shawnee family and then they adopted her,” Landholt said. 

In the end, Landholt said SPAR was able to help Libby and they continue to help all the animals they can regardless of the negative financial impact of COVID-19.