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Shawnee artist hosts ‘I Miss Your Face’ art show, contest

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Artist and six-year-old Sophie Minnjng posing in front of her artwork at the “I Miss Your Face” art exhibition.
Artist and studio owner LeAnne Henry-Wright in her studio on opening night of the “I Miss Your Face” art exhibition.
Many visited the art show “I Miss Your Face” hosted by LeAnne Henry-Wright.

Several Shawnee citizens gathered for the three day ‘I Miss Your Face’ art show hosted by local artist and studio owner LeAnne Henry-Wright.

According to Henry-Wright, the show was a success as many people attended and enjoyed all of the art. 

“It felt like a reunion, I enjoyed seeing the community come through the doors ten-by-ten and was inspired by their eyes lighting up in shock by what the end product has become with us all merging into an event once again,” Henry-Wright said. 

Henry-Wright said the show was inspired by COVID-19 and was composed of nearly 100 portraits of faces in various mediums from artists of all ages. 

“There (were) highly acclaimed and decorated artists in this exhibition. And there (were) some artists that (demonstrated) they have a tremendous future in the arts,” Henry-Wright said. 

The artists featured in the exhibit included: Ed Bolt, Cindy Packwood, Minnie Walker, Don Walker, Nelda Ward, Karen O’Conner, Julie Marks Blackstone, Stefanie Quillen, Tiphani Cook, Paula Jones, Alyssa Briggs, Ella Whiteman, Cierra Stevenson, Lyra Moore Daughter of Stacy Moore, Sophie Minnjng, Cody Deem, Katy Grant, Yoko Loftis, Joshua Brunet, Amy Scott, Alma Belzer, Taylor Lodes, Booker Dahlman, Jack Hopkins, Ella Wooldridge, V.A. Hatley, Link Cowen, Jane Lodes, Mike Lodes, Katie Dryden, Sarah Hopkins, Bella Dahlman, Jeanni Pruitt, Steve Hicks, Sonya Spears, Emily Daniel, Piper Reece, Allyson Hazelrigg, Sarah Martinez, Rita Rowan, Spencer Lovett, Sydnie Davidson, Jaynie Ford, Jack Ford, Ella Ford, Tori Willis, Michelle Briggs, Christian High and Gage Gossett. 

Henry-Wright said she and a panel of judges awarded prizes to various artists who participated in the art show. The artist said the other judges included Brad Carter of Shawnee Outlook, Kim Paxton principal at Sequoyah Elementary and Daniel Lay Associate of Park West Gallery.

Henry-Wright said several artists were honored for their works and many people in the community contributed to the cause. 

The list of donors, awards and winners included: 

Best Of Show

Winner: Joshua Brunet

Donor: Shelli, Maile, Jack, Tatum and Matt Hopkins

In honor of: the Late, Great, One-and-Only Jim Brown


People’s Choice

Winner: To be announced. 

Donor: Wystle 

$100 gift card 

People’s Choice Runner-Up

Winner: To be announced. 

Donor: Spokelahoma

$50 gift card 

Top All Star Competing In An Art Show For The First Time Award

Winner:Sophie Minnjng

Donor: Brandi Smith

In honor of “Those that took the leap of trying something new and out of their comfort zone.”


Please Do More (16 and under)

Winner: Christian High 

Sponsor: Jeanni Pruitt (Art supplies valued at $140) 

In memory of her late mother Glenna LeBlanc. 

Face of Our Times 

Winner: Booker Dahlman

Donor: Tiffany Barrett

In memory of Darby Dye 

There will be Five “This Face Makes Me Think” Awards

The following donors donated $100 Each:

1) Gateway to Prevention and Recovery 

Winner: Tori Willis 

2) Larry Gill Advisory 

In Memory of my late great fly fishing brother, Dan Ratza

Winner: Ed Bolt 

3)Mike and Jane Lodes

In honor of Bert and Bonnie Seabourn who celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary

Winner: Allyson Hazelrigg

4) Legacy Realty Team

Winner: Katie Dryden

5) Paulann Condray Canty in memory of her late mother and aunt Betty and Connie Condray. 

Winner: Alyssa Briggs

Henry-Wright said members of the youth from Emmanuel Episcopal Church provided water and a tent with shade for those waiting to go into the studio. 

According to Daniel Lay, art judge and Associate of Park West Gallery, many of the pieces from the art show will go into private collections, other exhibitions and museum collections. 

“Whatever the future holds for these artworks, for this moment in this historic time, they are united in this exhibition and a milestone as we write the artistic history of Shawnee Oklahoma,” Lay said.