Schools to resume in person instruction, distance learning

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Shawnee Public Schools COVID-19.

Various Pottawatomie County school districts will resume classes and begin their Spring semester both in-person and virtually next week.  

According to Cherity Pennington, Shawnee Public Schools Public Information Officer, SPS students will return to school starting January 5 and will offer both in-person and distance learning.  

Along with Shawnee, Tecumseh Public Schools will resume courses on Jan. 5 and will also continue to offer in-person instruction and distance learning.  

Bethel Public Schools completed their first semester virtually and will resume their second semester Jan. 5 but have yet to announce if they will return to in-person instruction or stay completely virtual.  

Students of McLoud Public Schools will return to school Jan. 5 and the district has not announced if it will return to in-person instruction and distance learning or go to virtual. 

Dale Public Schools went to virtual learning the last three days before Winter Break and will resume classes Jan. 5 but have not yet announced if they will have full in-person courses and virtual learning or continue distance learning.  

All schools will continue to implement CDC and local safety guidelines to keep students, teacher and staff safe from COVID-19.  

Check back for updates.