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McLoud Schools to possibly go back to 5 day weeks

Elisabeth Slay

Due to Oklahoma Sate Bill 441, districts such as McLoud Public Schools who went to four-day weeks last school year, could now be required to go back to five-day weeks.

According to Superintendent Steve Stanley, the district’s Board of Education voted last year to have school four days a week which has greatly benefited McLoud students, teachers and the district as a whole.

“We have attracted several teachers, attendance is better, discipline is lower and the community has accepted it,” Stanley said.

The superintendent explained SB 441 requires districts state wide to have certain hours and days in session which would require them to have school five days a week.

While Stanley said there are certain guidelines that could exempt a district, they're difficult for any district to meet.

“What we’re trying to do is inform people that the rules are too hard to meet…They are still coming up with the guidelines…They involve graduation rate, test scores and attendance, which are some things out of our control,” Stanley said.

Stanley explained the guidelines are so difficult to meet that 90 percent of Oklahoma school districts couldn’t meet them and that includes larger schools.

According to Stanley, as an educator he is not opposed to improving education, however the proposed guidelines are impossible to meet and should McLoud return to five-day weeks, it could negatively affected all the progress the district has made in the last few years.

Stanley said next school year the district will still have 4-day weeks, but that can change in Fall of 2021.