Tecumseh district to purchase new online learning system

Elisabeth Slay

The Tecumseh Board of Education approved the purchase of a new learning management system in a special meeting Wednesday, May 27.

According to Assistant Superintendent Robert Kinsey, the LMS is called Canvas and will be available for all Tecumseh Public Schools students for the 2020-2021 school year.

"The LMS will allow teachers to develop and teach lessons in an online portal that can be used in traditional school settings as well as in virtual settings," Kinsey said. "Students and teachers will all be able to log in to the same portal to communicate with each other, to create or view lessons, to complete assignments and to provide feedback through grading of assignments or other options as well."

In addition to teachers and students, Kinsey said parents will also have the ability to log into the portal to view students' attendance, grades, announcements and other such items.

"This system will allow our teachers and students a great deal of flexibility in the teaching and learning process," Kinsey said.