Oklahoma Scholarship Competition deadline Feb. 26

The Shawnee News-Star

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Scholarship Competition provides an opportunity for Oklahoma high school students to earn much-needed funds for college. With at least ten $1,000 cash scholarships/tuition grants in each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, students in grades 9 through 12 must register by the Friday, February 26th deadline to participate.

“The Oklahoma Scholarship Competition is designed to reward Oklahoma students who have taken an interest in Oklahoma’s rich history by supporting their dreams of pursuing higher education,” said Gini Moore Campbell, vice president for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame & Gaylord-Pickens Museum.

The online examination will be accessible Friday, March 5th through Sunday, March 14th with content coming primarily from state-adopted Oklahoma History textbooks. Students must be pre-registered at oklahomahof.com by Friday, February 26th to participate.

Individual donors and Oklahoma colleges and universities provide the cash scholarships and tuition grants in the counties of their choice. To see a list of scholarships available in each county, to register for the examination, and to download a supplemental study guide visit oklahomahof.com.

Founded in 1927, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame preserves Oklahoma’s unique history while promoting pride in our great state. Through each of its programs and the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame honors our state’s rich tradition by telling Oklahoma’s story through its people. For information about the Oklahoma Scholarship Competition or becoming a scholarship donor contact Gini Moore Campbell, vice president, at 405.523.3202 or gmc@oklahomahof.com.