Community contributes to art activity at Horace Mann Elementary

Tina Bridenstine
The Shawnee News-Star
Phyllis Bolt helps during the acrylic pour class at Horace Mann.
A student at Horace Mann finishes up an acrylic pour painting.

This week, students at Horace Mann Elementary got a special treat when they were able to do an acrylic pour class.

Phyllis Bolt and her husband, Shawnee Mayor Ed Bolt, were among those on hand to help teach the class, as well as Wesley United Methodist Church Minister Chris Dodson and Horace Mann art teacher Angie Sack.

“We handed out supplies, paint and helped the younger ones actually do the flip cup acrylic pour,” Phyllis Bolt, who did acrylic pour classes at Shawnee Mall before COVID-19, said. “And, it is a very messy project, so there was a lot of clean up after each class. And then we had to hurry and set up for the next class.”

Because schools are on such a tight budget, she added, she put out a message on Facebook asking for help. Within hours, she said, people in the community had reached out to provide money for buying the supplies.

One of the Horace Mann students pours paint off the canvas during the acrylic paint pour class.
Students prep their canvas for the acrylic paint pour.

“It was a wonderful experience for the students,” she said. “Some of them have seen YouTube videos of pours and were so excited to make their own masterpiece!”

All together, they did five classes on Tuesday and another five on Wednesday.

Bolt added that Community Renewal has also asked her to do an acrylic pour class for high school students, and more community members have already offered to contribute to paying for art supplies.

“So many people understand how important art is for students,” she said.

Shawnee Mayor Ed Bolt and Phyllis Bolt get supplies ready for the acrylic paint pour class at Horace Mann.
Students get started with an acrylic paint pour class Tuesday at Horace Mann.
A Horace Mann student finishes up an acrylic paint pour project.