SSC repeals campus-wide mask mandate


Seminole State College will no longer require masks on campus except in limited settings – a decision made at the May 20 Board of Regents meeting. The Board voted to repeal the campus-wide mask mandate put into place on June 23, 2020. This decision will go into effect immediately.

“As we continue to follow the science related to COVID-19, we felt it was time to relax the mask requirements on our campus – with a few exceptions. We will ask that those gathering in areas where social distancing is difficult, such as lab settings, still wear a mask. Summer camps and other campus programs may require masks in accordance with established policies. We will continue to promote and encourage the importance of receiving a vaccine to help protect those on our campus. It is still our top priority to take care of our employees and students, and we want to continue to help keep everyone safe,” said SSC President Lana Reynolds.