Bethel Graduation: Hudson Haskins

Elisabeth Slay

Bethel High School graduate and 18-year-old Hudson Haskins earned a title of valedictorian and though his last semester was challenging, he's thankful to his classmates and teachers.

According to Haskins, he never expected his final months at Bethel to be how they were this semester.

"To define this semester as a senior who will not again walk the halls of a school I have grown up in: this semester has been weird and melancholy. More weird and melancholy than I imagine a typical senior year. I (missed) my classmates and teachers," Haskins said.

The graduate also said the most difficult aspect of his final semester was not seeing his friends and classmates one last time.

"The most challenging part of this semester was accepting that I would not get to sit in class one final time with students I have attended school with since PreK, nor with teachers I have had through most of high school," Haskins said.

He's most grateful to his family, friends and teachers at Bethel who helped make his senior as memorable and normal as possible.

"I am most grateful for our teachers and administration, who have continually worked with kindness and compassion to make these abnormal times feel slightly more normal," Haskins said.

For Haskins, he said one of the best aspects of his senior year was earning the title of a valedictorian.

"Being named a valedictorian is an honor after working hard for so many years; yet, I would have achieved nothing if not for my wonderful family and the amazing support system Bethel holds," Haskins said.

After high school, Haskins said he will attend The University of Oklahoma to earn an MD and he hopes to help his community in the future.