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Local wildfire conditions in the summer heat

Galen Hawes

As summer is beginning, temperatures are heating up. In the state of Oklahoma, there have been grass fires, but none have occurred in Pottawatomie County.

Wind and humidity combined can have the potential to spark a fire so make sure to pay attention to the weather.

“When burning in a controlled area or starting a bonfire keep combustibles away and have grass cut short,” said Rodney Foster, Shawnee Fire Chief. “Taking these fire safety precautions can make it easier on the fire department.”

The fire danger for Pottawatomie County is currently between low and medium due to moisture this past week but could amp up in a couple of weeks around the Fourth of July.

“Be mindful when popping fireworks since the Fourth of July is in a couple of weeks,” said Rhett Banks, Tecumseh Fire Chief. “Pop fireworks on a hard, flat surface, away from tall grass and avoid popping fireworks if it is windy.”