C-SPAN Bus visits Shawnee Friday

Staff Writer
The Shawnee News-Star
During a visit to Shawnee Friday afternoon, the C-SPAN Bus parked at City Hall to interact with residents. The bus also made a stop at Oklahoma Baptist University.

After a visit from C-SPAN’s Cities Tour recently, the C-SPAN Bus came to Shawnee to engage students and teachers with its public affairs resources.

C-SPAN Marketing Specialist Vanessa Torres said area residents were able to check out the new bus and interact with visitors during stops at Oklahoma Baptist University and at Shawnee City Hall Friday afternoon.

“The C-SPAN Bus has been traveling the country for the last 24 years in partnership with cable and satellite providers to visit schools and attend community events,” she said. “Through interactive tools and C-SPAN representatives, visitors to the bus can learn about C-SPAN's unique non-commercial, editorially-balanced, non-biased coverage of public affairs and political events and Vyve Broadband's commitment to funding C-SPAN's operations.”

The new high-tech, interactive C-SPAN Bus includes:

• Access to an exclusive interactive experience available on 11 large-screen tablets featuring C-SPAN programming and myriad of political and educational resources

• A smart TV and classroom area for conversations with students and teachers

• A high-definition TV production studio for taped and live programming

• A 360-degree video station featuring C-SPAN's unfiltered coverage of high-profile events and insightful, behind-the-scenes tours of U.S. landmarks

• A D.C.-themed selfie station where visitors can share their Bus experience through social media

Follow the bus on Twitter, @cspanbus.