Shawnee City Commission: Bids for SPD project to be assessed

Vicky O. Misa
First united bank has now moved out of this site at 912 E. Independence. Once remodeled, the property is to become the headquarters of the Shawnee Police Department.

Shawnee City Commissioners gathered for a special-called meeting Tuesday to open project bids for the Shawnee Police Department's soon-to-be headquarters, at 912 E. Independence in Shawnee.

To draw up the plans, TAP Architecture had been given an original budget between about $2 million and $2.5 million to stay within the construction costs. A few items were pulled out to stay in that range, TAP Representative Chris Teehee said in November.

According to TAP, the estimated cost of the project — before alternates — would be just less than $2 million.

Adding in the alternates (north parking replacement, dispatch work stations and a generator), TAP Architecture had tallied the full estimate at around $2,272,500.

At Tuesday's bid-opening, four firms had submitted estimates for the project:

• Landmark Construction Group, LLC ($2,429,000; Alternate 1: $147,000; Alternate 2: $8,800)

• Lippert Brothers ($2,425,000; Alternate 1: $145,000; Alternate 2: $8,800)

• W.L. McNatt and Company ($2,280,000; Alternate 1: $163,000; Alternate 2: $9,000)

• A.C. Owen Construction ($2,394,000; Alternate 1: $187,000; Alternate 2: $5,000)

The project

In November Teehee walked city leaders through the design.

He said one of the needs the SPD had was a secure parking area, so a secured fence line is planned around the back of the property.

“Two automatic sliding gates (will be) at the rear of the building, inside the fenced in area,” he said.

Teehee also said there will be drop-off availability in a covered parking area.

“There was a demand for an outdoor area for the 911 dispatch so they could take a break from sitting there long hours taking calls,” he said. “Another area we took advantage of was the old drive-thru; we enclosed that — we've called that the vehicle inspection bays.”

There are four of them that can be locked down, Teehee said.

“One is a little larger; it could be used as a workout room for now,” he said.

The area closest to the building (former bank window) can be used for dropping off records, he said.

“This is the only police department I know of that would have that,” Teehee said. “I think the (SPD) is pretty excited about that.”

He said it's behind bulletproof glass, “so I think it could be a good opportunity for them to use that.”

He said the firm wanted to do something to give the building its own identity, something a little bit different.

“We introduced this perforated metal with the SPD sign in front of it to kind of give it its own statement, if you will, because it was drastically needing an uplift,” he said.

The new space is estimated to be about 26,800 square feet, about four to five times larger than the SPD's current operation, Teehee confirmed.


Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson requested action be deferred until the bids could be assessed.

The board unanimously voted in favor of deferment of the item.

Watch for updates.