Shawnee Regional Airport Advisory board eyes addendum proposal for runway project

Vicky O. Misa

On Wednesday evening, the Airport Advisory Board voted in favor of recommending a proposed addendum to a professional engineering contract to address construction and grant administration for the rehabilitation of its runway, taxiway alpha and connecting taxiways.

Shawnee Regional Airport received a discretionary grant offer from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for $765,000 to help fund the rehab project.

“These funds, combined with $300,000 in FAA Airport Improvement Plan (AIP) Entitlement funds, and up to $450,000 in grant funds provided by the State of Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, will provide sufficient capital resources to undertake the project,” Airport Manager Bonnie Wilson said.

She said the Shawnee Airport Authority is responsible for funding the last five percent of the grant-eligible costs of the project.

In June, Wilson presented a recommendation to award the contract for general engineering services to H. W. Lochner, Inc. and the Shawnee Airport Authority authorized her to execute a professional services contract over a five-year period.

“Design and construction and grant administration of rehabilitation of the runway, taxiway alpha and connecting taxiways will be the first project addressed under the contract,” she said.

“The initial phase of the project will be a survey and assessment of surface conditions to create a detailed scope of construction work; rehabilitation options; development of a construction design and work plan; preparation of a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise participation goal; preparation of bid documents; review of bids, and recommendation to award a contract for construction based on bids received,” she said.

The FAA requires professional engineers to design and support AIP supported capital improvement projects, Wilson said, but it does allow AIP grant funds to be used to address engineering service fees if the firm was selected via a request for qualifications process.

The estimated cost of construction for the project is $993,299.

“Lochner’s proposed fees for design and construction services are not to exceed $279,300,” she said. “As required — and standard, airport staff will engage the services of independent third-party Engineer Neil Rood to review Lochner’s proposed fees and prepare an Independent Fee Assessment.”

According to the Airport Advisory Board agenda, the addendum to the Lochner contract is to approve $279,300 in funding that will address certain services, such as evaluating the condition of the existing runway and parallel taxiway pavements; preparing a project narrative of probable cost and budget for both runway and taxiway portions of project; and complete modifications to the report after review; and assisting with bidding; and making recommendation of a contract award.

Wilson said the goal is to get through all the steps in a timely fashion so contractors can complete the project before winter weather disrupts progress.

The board's recommendation of the addendum will now go before Shawnee's Airport Authority Board for approval.

Watch for updates.