Shawnee City Commission: SPD project award deferred; committee to be chosen

Vicky O. Misa

Shawnee City Commissioners were scheduled to consider choosing a contractor for the remodel of Shawnee Police Department at 912 E. Independence.

According to this week's agenda, after assessing the bids, Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson said his recommendation was to choose the second-lowest bid, submitted by Lippert Bros. Inc.

“We checked with several references and found there were issues with the lowest bidder finishing jobs on schedule and in a timely manner,” he said. “We checked several references for Lippert Bros. Inc. and received no negative feedback.”

But when the item came up Wilson requested a deferment to have more time to review the bids.

After the board unanimously voted to defer the item, Mayor Richard Finley said he plans to appoint a group — likely a five-person committee — to work with Wilson and the SPD.

Serving on the committee will likely be Ward 3 Shawnee City Commissioner James Harrod, who Finley said has extensive background in construction.

Finley said, “I will sit on it, and I'll probably ask another commissioner to volunteer, and probably the chief and someone of his choosing from his staff or from the city staff.”

Finley said the five will get together as a group and pour through some of the things that some of the commissioners have expressed as concerns in terms of the way the new police station is laid out, and the amount of money; just kind of go through the thing thoroughly — that will be forthcoming.

“It will come back to this commission when the group has been fully vetted and we're satisfied, and report back,” he said.

Watch for updates.