Avedis Foundation: Neighboring 101 awarded $22,500 grant

Vicky O. Misa

Local nonprofit Neighboring 101 Inc. has just been awarded a $22,500 grant from the Avedis Foundation to be used for its inaugural Single Mothers Getting Ahead class this year.

The goal of the class is to educate and assist single mothers to help break the generational poverty cycle for both themselves and their children, as well as future generations. The ultimate outcome is for increased resources, social capital and implementation of smart goals to bridge each participant out of poverty.

Alumni graduates will lead the sessions by facilitating the three-hour classes over a period of 20 weeks.

“Neighboring 101 continues to provided critical training and support to help those in poverty who participate with a hand-up,” Avedis President Dr. Kathy Laster said. “Single mothers have been identified as an especially vulnerable group needing services.”

She said Avedis is proud to support this grant to assist passionate former program graduates who have not only organized this initiative, but will be volunteering their time to lead and run the program.

“Neighboring 101 alumni Getting Ahead graduates take charge in breaking barriers for single mothers,” Tiffany J. Walker, Getting Ahead alumni graduate, and care case manager at Shawnee Community Health Centers of Oklahoma, said. “For the first time in the agency history, alumni graduates are proud to be coordinating and facilitating these classes specifically for single mothers.”

She said the graduates are blessed by the opportunity to partner with the Avedis Foundation and want to provide an experience for their graduate leadership team to remember.