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Flu continues uptick in central Oklahoma

Vicky O. Misa

Flu season continues to climb quickly as 239 new flu-related hospitalizations and another death have been added to the tally — bringing the total to 1,431 for the season so far. During the previous week's report there were 177 new flu-related hospitalizations noted in the state.

Pottawatomie County did not see any flu-related hospitalizations until December, but that figure has now reached 25.

In Oklahoma, this week the number of flu-related deaths has increased by one again, bringing the total to 23 so far for the season.

According to Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Flu View, the 23 Oklahomans who have died of flu-related causes have been spread out across the state: two in the northwest region; one in the northeast region; one in the east central region; two in the central region; three in the southwest region; four in the southeast region; six in Oklahoma County; and four in Tulsa County.

Nine of the victims have been reported as older than 65; eight were between 50 and 64 years old; five were between 18 and 49 years old; and the remaining one was 4 years old or younger.

So far this season

The flu-related hospitalizations and/or deaths reported this season are from all over the state:

• Central Region — now at 191 total cases — up from 155 last week;

• Northwest Region — now at 54 total cases — up from 48 last week;

• Northeast Region — now at 147 total cases — up from 122 last week;

• East Central Region — now at 196 total cases — up from 161 last week;

• Southeast Region — now at 91 total cases — up from 74 previously;

• Southwest Region — now at 148 total cases — up from 134 last week;

• Tulsa County— now at 375 total cases — up from 294 last week; and

• Oklahoma County — now at 229 total cases — up from 204 last week