Shawnee Planning Commission: Permit recommended for cell tower near Kickapoo Spur

Vicky O. Misa
The empty lot just east of Locke Supply Co. and directly south of Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. could be the new site for a cell tower proposed by AT&T.

On Wednesday the Shawnee Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend approval of a proposed cell tower near Kickapoo Spur.

Applicant Troy Williams, with AT&T, requested a conditional use permit for a cell tower at 1310 N. Kickapoo Ave. The only structure on the property is a billboard, which sits just east of Locke Supply Co., at 530 W. Kickapoo Spur.

The proposed cell tower — a fenced-in, unmanned 110’ sectional monopole — would be placed on the northwest section of the property.

City Planner Rebecca Blaine said AT&T applied for the variance to enhance cellular data, broadband, Wi-Fi, and FirstNet coverage in the area.

Williams said the structure will be a sectional tower, with three sections, designed not to fall over onto other buildings.

Oklahoma Natural Gas, which has a site directly north of the property in question, wrote a letter of support for the proposal — as did Locke Supply.

No one spoke in opposition of the proposal during the public hearing Wednesday.