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Shawnee City Commission to call, hold local elections

Vicky O. Misa

The board is set Monday to consider a resolution calling and providing for the holding of nonpartisan general and general runoff elections to nominate and elect candidates for the office of Mayor, City Commissioner Ward 2, City Commissioner Ward 3, and City Commissioner Ward 4.

Also, a presentation is scheduled of the independent auditor’s reports for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Single Audit. According to the agenda, a couple compliance matters were noted. First, General Fund expenditures exceeded budgeted appropriations in the general government and culture and recreation categories. The city's proposed remedy is consistent monitoring of departmental expenditures and passage of budget amendments as necessary.

The other issue related to negative balances: three funds, the General Fund, the Street and Alley Fund, and the Capital Improvement Fund, reported negative balances. The city's remedy to the issue lists consistent monitoring of expenditures and regular projection of expected revenues and expenditures.

According to the agenda memo, the city's net position increased $5,686,854 from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019, a 7.6 percent increase year-over-year.

Some listed General Fund trends reported are:

• First time since 2016, revenue came in above budget

• First time since before 2015, expenditures came in under budget

• First time since before 2015, fund balance reported an increase

In other business, the City of Shawnee may enter into a contract agreement with the Pottawatomie County Historical Society. As a tourist destination, the museum would make specific tourism-related efforts, and in return, the city will compensate the museum financially — in total, $300,000 spread over a period of five years.

The 6 p.m. meeting will take place Monday in the Bertha Ann Young City Commission Chambers at City Hall, at 16 W. 9th St.