Shawnee City Commission: Kickapoo South project gearing up

Vicky O. Misa



On Monday, through eminent domain, the Shawnee City Commission may declare it a matter of public necessity that many parcels of land be acquired for the construction and expansion of the Kickapoo Street Paving Project (from Kickapoo Spur to Farrell). They are Parcels No. 13; 19; 22; 25; 28; 29; 34; 38; 41; 44; 50; 56; 64; 65; 70; 72; 73; 80; 81; 86; 87; 88; 90; 92; 93; 96; 97; 105; 106; 107; 110; 111; 115; 116; 117; 121; 124; 125; 126; 129; 131; 136; 137; 138; 141; 143; 147; 149; 150; 151; 153; 154; 155; and 156.

Information gathered from the May 18, 2020, Shawnee City Commission agenda.

Through eminent domain Shawnee City Commissioners are set to discuss whether to acquire easements along one of the city's main streets as plans for the paving/widening of the south end of Kickapoo (Kickapoo Spur to Farrall) get underway.

The board could issue a resolution, declaring it to be a matter of public necessity.

In other business, the board will consider a memorandum of understanding between the city and Central Disposal regarding a delay of the new contract's pricing increase due to COVID-19 pandemic.

New rates would kick in the first of October.

Broken down, each of the rate changes in the proposal are:

• Once per week residential curbside collection for the large 90-gallon polycart: currently $10 a month — would be raised to $11.50 a month;

• Once per week residential curbside collection for the small 60-gallon polycart: currently $8 a month — would go down to $7 a month;

• Once a week yard waste collection: currently 75 cents a month — would be raised to $1 a month;

• Adding a second polycart would go up from the current $8 a month, to $10 a month;

• Community solid/bulk waste dropped off at the transfer station: currently 75 cents a month — would be raised to $1 a month;

• Once a month curbside bulk waste: currently 20 cents a month — would be 75 cents a month;

• Quarterly curbside bulk waste collection: currently 5 cents a month — would go up to 75 cents a month;

• Once a week curbside recyclable collection: currently $3.50 a month — would go up to $3.75 a month

• The proposal also includes spring and fall clean-up, which will be at multiple locations and once-a-year hazardous waste collection; there is no charge for these services.

Also, the commission is set to acknowledge the Spectra contract for Fiscal year 2020-2021 for management services of the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center.

And renewal agreements are set for consideration for the React Ambulance Authority, for dispatch services; and with North Rock Creek School District, for police services.

On the Airport Authority agenda, the board may grant staff authorization to advertise Request for Bids/Invitation to Bid on runway and taxiway rehabilitation at the Shawnee Regional Airport.

In 2012, the airport repaired and improved the runway and taxiway surfaces.

No major maintenance or construction activity has occurred since that time, the agenda reads.

“Rehabilitation in the form of crack repair and surface sealant is required for continued safe operation of aircraft and preservation of the paved surfaces,” a memo from Airport Manager Bonnie Wilson states.

She said the airport’s consulting engineer H. W. Lochner, Inc. (Lochner) assessed current conditions, and prepared plans and specifications for repair and improvements.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reviewing the engineering plans and specifications for the current project in anticipation of offering Airport Improvement Program grants.

“Advertising for bids at this time is necessary to ensure that the Shawnee Regional Airport receives a firm price for construction in a timely manner, as this figure must be provided to the FAA in support of our request for Airport Improvement Program funding for the project,” she said.

Lochner provided a detailed project cost estimate of $1,053,822, the agenda reads.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. Monday.

How to connect, participate

Though scheduled to reopen City Hall Monday, the commission is still slated to meet via video conference, as will residents who wish to participate verbally — through Zoom.

To watch the meeting, it will be broadcasted live on Vyve Channel 3 or via the City of Shawnee’s website at

To participate in the meeting, residents will need access to Zoom, at

Those who wish to participate must register with the City Clerk’s office at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting by calling (405) 878-1604 or sending an email to with their name, address and telephone number — and indicate the topic or agenda item upon which they wish to speak.

A link to the meeting will be provided via email to the participant prior to the meeting and the person must be signed into the meeting at the time of citizens' participation or when the public hearing item they wish to speak on is called by Mayor Richard Finley.