Praying it Forward Shawnee/Tecumseh: Helping those in need

By Galen Hawes -

Praying It Forward Shawnee/Tecumseh helps locally to assist those in need with everything from house furnishings to food and clothing.

“Our fundraising events right now will be used towards the purchase of new toys for children for our annual Christmas help. Last year, we were able to help 100 families so we would like to top that this year,” said President Tesa Perkins. “We are looking for donations for our raffles and items to give away to our group.”

Praying It Forward has previously handed out food bags to the less fortunate throughout Shawnee and also collects food each month for “Fill the cupboard,” a way for elderly individuals or couples to receive what they need.

“We hold a daily basket auction within the group and also try to provide a day meal if someone asks for food within the group,” said Perkins.

Praying It Forward works with the Shawnee Flea Market once a month by paying for two spots to collect proceeds and wants to start working with the Little Axe Flea Market to raise money to buy toys for the children in the group.

“We started off last October with 10 people and now we have around 675 people in our group through Facebook or email,” said Perkins. “Anyone in the Facebook group can post what they are in need of and we will work to find it.”

Praying It Forward Shawnee/Tecumseh will be at the flea market at 7109 N. Kickapoo Ave. on July 18 to give away backpacks with supplies to students who are in need before school starts back.

For more information, if you are in need or if you would like to donate call (405) 395-4847, email or visit the website at or the Praying It Forward Shawnee/Tecumseh/Bethel Acres Facebook group.