News-Star moving print production to Bartlesville; reporting, other services will remain local

The Shawnee News-Star
The Shawnee News-Star will move printing of its newspaper to a sister site press in Bartlesville later this month, but news, advertising and other local services will remain local at the Shawnee office.

Later this month, The Shawnee News-Star is moving its printing and production of the newspaper from the city of Shawnee to a sister facility in Bartlesville, which produces the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise.

Despite the newspaper being printed in another location, the News-Star news and advertising teams will remain in Shawnee and are deeply committed to serving Shawnee, Pottawatomie County and surrounding areas, just as we’ve done for many decades.

“To maintain our high standards of trusted, local journalism, the News-Star must adapt to market-driven changes and competition,” said Sr. Group Publisher Kim Benedict. “We remain deeply committed to our traditional print and rapidly growing digital audiences."

It’s not unusual these days for a newspaper to be printed outside the market where it circulates. In fact, it’s become the norm for operations both small and large.

The anticipated last newspaper to be produced in the city of Shawnee will be the July 25-26 Weekender edition. The company will work to connect impacted production employees with local resources to assist with seeking new employment, and opportunities will be made available to them, if possible, at other company locations. In all, eight part-time positions and four full-time positions in Shawnee are being impacted by this move.

Since the new printing facility is a distance from Shawnee, this change for printing will require earlier press deadlines in order to ensure prompt delivery of the newspaper each day. While this may hinder some stories from making it to print, the focus on enterprise reporting, in-depth coverage and local community news from the News-Star will remain a priority, both print and online.

“Online and in print, this newspaper continues to be the leading source for trusted, local reporting. That will not change,” Benedict said.

“While deadlines may preclude the publishing of stories and scores that break in later hours, this information will continue to be updated online and can be readily found at

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