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Shawnee artist to host ‘I Miss Your Face’ art show

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Studio owner and local artist LeAnne Henry-Wright received 100 different submissions for her ‘I Miss Your Face” art exhibit.
Artist and eleven-year-old Spencer Lovett, made a three hour drive up with his mom from McKinney Texas to deliver his artwork titled “Kept.”
A submitted art piece entitled “Naomi” by Yoko Loftis.

For the last month Shawnee artist LeAnne Henry-Wright has accepted art submissions for her art show entitled “I Miss Your Face” which will be at her studio 4 to 8 p.m. Aug. 5-7.

According to Henry-Wright, her studio is located at 14B W. Main Street in Downtown Shawnee and in total she received 100 submissions from various artists.

“We had to narrow it down a little bit to make it all fit but everyone that submitted got at least one piece in,” Henry-Wright said.

The artist said all of the submissions have been of different faces in various mediums and she’s excited for all the pieces to be featured.

“Normally artists have to pay per piece to submit work for shows but I’ve chosen for this show to be my gift to our community and it’s been free for the artists to submit work,” Henry-Wright said.

The artists being featured in the exhibit include: Ed Bolt, Cindy Packwood, Minnie Walker, Don Walker, Nelda Ward, Karen O’Conner, Julie Marks Blackstone, Stefanie Quillen, Tiphani Cook, Paula Jones, Alyssa Briggs, Ella Whiteman, Cierra Stevenson, Lyra Moore Daughter of Stacy Moore, Sophie Minnigh, Cody Deem, Katy Grant, Yoko Loftis, Joshua Brunet, Amy Scott, Alma Belzer, Taylor Lodes, Booker Dahlman, Jack Hopkins, Ella Wooldridge, V.A. Hatley, Link Cowen, Jane Lodes, Mike Lodes, Katie Dryden, Sarah Hopkins, Bella Dahlman, Jeanni Pruitt, Steve Hicks, Sonya Spears, Emily Daniel, Piper Reece, Allyson Hazelrigg, Sarah Martinez, Rita Rowan, Spencer Lovett, Sydnie Davidson, Jaynie Ford, Jack Ford, Ella Ford, Tori Willis, Michelle Briggs, Christian High and Gage Gossett. 

The gallery owner said the art exhibit is a juried competition and artists will have the opportunity to win money and other prizes donated to Henry-Wright from businesses in the community.

“I’ve had right at $1000 donated in cash and prizes from both local businesses and individuals to be awarded to the artists,” Henry-Wright said. “I’ve given each donor the opportunity to make their donation in honor of or in memory of someone of their choosing.”

The list of donors and awards include: 

Best Of Show

Donor: Shelli, Maile, Jack, Tatum and Matt Hopkins

In honor of: the Late, Great, One-and-Only Jim Brown


People’s Choice

Donor: Wystle 

$100 gift card 

People’s Choice Runner-Up

Donor: Spokelahoma

$50 gift card 

Top All Star Competing In An Art Show For The First Time Award

Donor: Brandi Smith

In honor of “Those that took the leap of trying something new and out of their comfort zone.”


People's Choice Third Place

Donor: Shawnee Garden Center 

$75 giftcard 

There will be Six “This Face Makes Me Think” Awards

The following donors donated $100 Each:

1) Gateway to Prevention and Recovery 

2) Larry Gill Advisory 

In Memory of my late great fly fishing brother, Dan Ratza

3 )Mike and Jane Lodes

In honor of Bert and Bonnie Seabourn who celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary

4) Legacy Realty Team

5) Paulann Condray Canty 

In memory of her late mother Betty Condray and aunt Connir Condray. 

Henry-Wright said she looks forward to rewarding the artist for their hard work and amazing submissions.

“My favorite award is the ‘Top All Star from competing in an art show for the first time,”’ Henry-Wright said. “The donor, Brandi Smith, said her $75 cash donation was ‘in honor of those who took the leap of trying something new and out of the comfort zone.”

Henry-Wright said she’s excited for everyone to see all the amazing faces and celebrate all the wonderful artists.

“What I’m most looking forward to about this show has already happened. I’ve brought us together,” Henry-Wright said. “I’ve filled a studio representing artists as young as six, artists that ‘well I once painted when I was a kid but never really had the chance since’, professionals, and absolutely everything in between. We’re all here. For the first time in five months I don’t feel alone anymore.”