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Architectural plans OK’d for new county building

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
County Courthouse

Pottawatomie County Commissioners approved phase one of the architectural plans for a future county administration building from Rand Elliott Architects in their regular meeting Monday, Aug. 31. 

According to District 2 County Commissioner Randy Thomas, Rand Elliott Architects presented their initial design ideas for a new administration building, with construction planned to be on the south side of the Pottawatomie County Courthouse, 325 N. Broadway, where there is a current parking lot.

Thomas said the building is planned to be two stories and each story will be 10,000 square feet. In addition, Thomas said the building will house commissioners, the County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Assessor and other county departments.

“We liked the design. The first floor will have the County Assessor, the County Treasurer and the County Clerk,” Thomas said. “Commissioners and the IT staff and others will be on the second floor.”

The commissioner also said the architectural plans include a breezeway, which would connect the administration building to the current courthouse and can be used by employees when needed. 

Thomas also said there will also be a conference room on each floor and the entryway to the new building will be open. 

“It’s a nice concept,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he and his fellow commissioners liked the designs so far and Rand Elliott Architects will now move deeper into their designs and phase two of their plans. 

No date has been set for when the project would begin or exactly how it will be funded.

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