Pott. County to implement safety committees

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star

Pottawatomie County Commissioners voted to implement a policy in which two safety committees will be formed to represent employees of the County Courthouse and employees from the commissioners’ districts. 

According to District 2 Commissioner Randy Thomas, the safety committee for the Courthouse will be made up of nine representatives from county elected offices such as the County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Assessor, the Sheriff’s Office and more, but none of the representatives will be elected officials. 

In addition, Thomas said the committee representing employees from the commissioners districts will have five members including three representatives from each district, a representative from the County Sheriff’s Office and Floodplain Manager Tommy Arnold. 

Thomas said the purpose of these committees is to review any safety incidents that may occur while employees are working. 

The commissioner explained should there be an accident on a job such as road construction then that incident will be taken to the committee who will then decide if additional safety measures need to be put in place to prevent any future accidents.

Thomas said the committees will be formed soon.