North Rock Creek students honored for creating comic books

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Pictured from left to right are Charles Curry with the four students who were honored for their comic books including Logan Nichols, Greyson Sharma, Ben Johnson and Lachlyn Lynam.

Four North Rock Creek Public School students were honored Friday, Oct. 9 for their unique comic books by custodian Charles Curry who is a graphic novelist and often challenges students to create their own stories. 

According to North Rock Creek librarian Paige Dan, Curry has his own comic book series called “Drifter: Journals of a Hero” and each year he gives a presentation to upper elementary students and encourages them to write and illustrate their own stories. 

“This year he surprised the four students with the best comics by putting their works into one volume and publishing it,” Dan said. “We had a small ceremony for him to present a certificate of achievement and a copy of their book to these budding artists and authors.”

Dan said the students actually completed their comic books last March before the statewide quarantine. 

“Charles spends months preparing his presentation to the students, gathering materials, setting up a great display, complete with a cosplay of his main character, the Drifter and coming up with a challenge for the students,” Dan said. “He has something great up his sleeve for this year’s presentation and competition.”

According to Curry, he enjoys bringing art to the students and he was happy to honor the students. 

“I feel excited about this experience for the kids chosen in their collaborative comic book,” Curry said. “I created this project to challenge the kids' imaginations at such a young age so that they may one day grow up and create fun and exciting stories for the future generations beyond them to continue passing the torch to keep the medium alive.” 

Dan said Curry also bought and donated a copy of the collaborative book for the North Rock Creek library. 

“It is a great and unique way to honor some of our students,” Dan said. 

The librarian said Curry is preparing another presentation for this year and plans to present it to students at some point next semester.

To view Curry's comics people can visit