Road conditions slick, power outages reported

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Fallen Tree

Road conditions are slick and hazardous as the weather worsens and the Shawnee Police Department advise anyone who needs to be out and about to take it slow.

According to Cpl. Vivian Lozano, drivers who are on the roads should drive with extreme caution and give themselves extra time to get to their destination.

In addition, Lozano said people should help those who may need it.

"Remember to check on the elderly or those with medical needs during inclement weather and notify public safety of any assistance needed," Lozano said.

Along with icy roads, various outages have been reported throughout the county.

According to District 2 Commissioner Randy Thomas, roads throughout the county are covered with fallen branches and limbs but crews are working hard to clear them out of the way.

Thomas said crews will work all afternoon and possibly evening clearing the roads.

According to the OG&E System Watch, 6,172 people in Shawnee are without power but crews are working on trimming branches, repairing power lines and restoring power to those who've lost it.

Along with Shawnee, McLoud and Tecumseh have also had significant power outages but Thomas said crews are working to restore power in McLoud and according to the Tecumseh Facebook page, the city is doing all it can to assist those without power.

Tecumseh residents are welcome to go to the City Hall auditorium to those who've lost power and need to get warm.

If there are several people who decide to utilize the auditorium then they must be sure to social distance as much as possible to limit the threat of spreading COVID-19.

If residents in Tecumseh experience a power outage they need to report it directly to the Utility Office at (405) 598-2189.

Check back for updates.