Six rural Pott. County areas to get new tornado sirens

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Tornado Sirens.

Pottawatomie County Commissioners plan to install six new tornado sirens in rural parts of the county by tornado season.

According to District 2 Commissioner Randy Thomas, over the last few months the commissioners have been formulating their plan for the sirens.

Thomas said they decided to utilize money from the use tax fund to purchase the six new sirens for $29,000 each.

Thomas said the sirens will be attached to 60 foot tall posts, be activated and controlled by the National Weather Service and have solar batteries attached to them so they'll still work if the power goes out.

The towns in which the sirens will be installed include Tribbey, Macomb, Pink, Saint Louis, Dale and Johnson.

"It's a good deal for all of us," Thomas said.

The commissioner said it will take about six weeks for sirens to come in and an additional week to install them in each town.

In addition, Thomas said the old tornado sirens will be stored until a small community may need one, in which case the county will likely donate it.

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