Pott. County schools, students celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Students at Horace Mann Elementary School wear red for "RED-y to be Drug Free Day" which was the first themed day of their Red Ribbon Week.
Students at Horace Mann Elementary School wear red for "RED-y to be Drug Free Day" which was the first themed day of their Red Ribbon Week.

This week, Oct. 26-30, schools throughout Pottawatomie County are celebrating Red Ribbon Week with themed days and education for students on being drug free.

According to Cherity Pennington, Shawnee Public Schools Public Information Officer, sites across the district are participating, including Horace Mann Elementary School.

Pennington said Horace Mann kicked off the week with "RED-y to be Drug Free Day" which had students wearing red.

As the week continues each site at SPS will participate in Red Ribbon Week with various activities.

In addition to Shawnee, Tecumseh Public Schools are also celebrating Red Ribbon Week.

According to Jana Phelps, principal of Barnard Elementary School, both virtual and in-person learners of the first and second grade will dress up for Red Ribbon Week.

Phelps said the students can enjoy and dress up each of the themed days which are as follows Monday: "Don't get mixed up in drugs"-students wore mismatched clothes; Tuesday: "Put a cap on all drugs"- students wore a favorite hat; Wednesday: "Sock it to drugs"- students will wear fun socks;Thursday: "Choose to be drug-free team"-students can wear their favorite team gear;  and Friday: "Say Boo to drugs"- students can wear their Halloween costumes.

Principal Tammy Giaudrone said the students of the Tecumseh Early Childhood Center can also participate in themed days of Red Ribbon Week.

"During the week of October 26-30, TECC (joined) other Oklahomans in making a commitment to being drug free," Giaudrone said.

The principal said TECC's scheduled events are as follows:

Monday: "Put Drugs to Sleep"- students wore their pajamas; Tuesday: "Use Your Head-Don't Do Drugs- students wore hats, Wednesday: "Being Drug Free is No Sweat"- students can ear workout clothes; Thursday-"Our School Chooses to be Drug Free"-students can wear black and gold to show school spirit;  and Friday: "Say Boo to Drugs"-students can wear their appropriate Halloween costumes.

In addition to the themed days, Giaudrone said informational films are being shown to classes.

Much like Tecumseh and Shawnee, McLoud Public Schools is also encouraging students and teachers to participate in Red Ribbon Week.

According to McLoud Intermediate School Counselor Tomi Murdock, students are encouraged to participate in themed dress up days and other activities.

Murdock said the themed days include Monday:"Be Happy"- in which students wore yellow; Tuesday: "Be Brave"-in which students dress as someone brave; Wednesday: "Be Drug Free"-in which students can wear hats; Thursday: "Drugs are Scary"-in which students can dress up in their Halloween costumes.

In addition, Murdock said classroom lessons regarding healthy choices, peer pressure and being drug free were taught.

Along with everything else, Murdock said this week classes will participate in a door decorating contest in which the winning class will receive a pop and popcorn party.

Overall, districts throughout the county are educating their students to be drug free by celebrating Red Ribbon Week.