Tecumseh school one of Oklahoma Arts Council’s Fall Classroom Supply Grant Recipients

The Shawnee News-Star
Art in School

To help schools purchase supplies to sustain vital arts education programs across the state, the Oklahoma Arts Council has announced grant awards totaling more than $35,000 that will benefit 71 schools and 14,208 students in communities of all sizes. 

Barnard Elementaty School in Teucmseh is one of 71 schools who will benefit from the grants.  

The state agency’s Classroom Supply Grants for Visual and Performing Arts program provides up to $500 per school year to help educators purchase consumable fine art supplies. Schools have cited supplies as a top need for being able to provide ongoing arts education programs. Using the grant funding, schools can purchase a wide range of items including sheet music, props, paint, clay, cleaning supplies, and more. Dance, drama, theatre, music, visual arts, and media arts are disciplines with eligible supply expenses.


A large body of research links arts education with improved outcomes. Sustained arts education leads to better grades in reading and math and higher scores on standardized tests, while reducing dropout rates and fostering a positive school environment. It is also an effective tool for closing the achievement gap among students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 includes the arts in its focus on ensuring a well-rounded education. 

Schools eligible for Classroom Supply Grants for Visual and Performing Arts are PK-12 Oklahoma schools with at least one part-time arts instructor on staff. The grant is intended to help schools sustain fine arts courses that take place during the school day. 

The fall cycle of the grant program will benefit schools in 37 communities and 26 counties. Applications for the grant funding for the 2020-2021 school year will be available again in January 2021 for schools that did not receive a grant in the fall cycle. 

Information about Classroom Supply Grants for Visual and Performing Arts is available at arts.ok.gov or by contacting Jennifer Allen-Barron at (405) 521-2036 or jennifer.allen-barron@arts.ok.gov.