A season of giving thanks

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star

While the country and world remain in a global pandemic and Thanksgiving will look different than it ever has been, various Pottawatomie County residents reveal what they’re thankful for this year. 

“I'm thankful that even amid the crazy and hate that we have seen this last year, I've also seen kindness and human decency in places I never thought I would,” said owner of Swanky Okie Weddings Chanda Carreon.  

“Each day I am thankful for my family, my home and the life I have. I am very appreciative that during this trying year I have been able to continue working. It is a sad job we healthcare workers do but it is an honor to be one of those that are so important to others right now. I thank God that He has helped keep myself and my family safe,” said Administrator of Golden Rule Home Jessica Mitchell. 

“I’m thankful to have exactly what I need to achieve the goals I’ve set for my art gallery. Everything I need is right here on my own downtown Main Street. Each day I enjoy walking to lunch, or even breakfast the next day when I work through the night. I have favorite meals at Owl Shop, the Lunch Box and Theopolis. Coffee and Crafts across the street knows my order without me saying it. I walk to The Arts 317 for all my art work to be documented and printed. I walk to the post office to ship art work all over the country. I also have Savvy Bites to help me with my gift shopping and Crowe Farms for groceries on the way home.  I love my town, and I’m thankful for it,” said local artist LeAnne Henry Wright. 

“I am thankful for my healthy family, our warm home and a job that I love. I am blessed beyond measure,” said Shawnee Public School Public Information Officer Cherity Pennington.