Shawnee native opens unique boutique for mothers-to-be

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Lindsay Dyer opened Sweet Pea 4D Ultrasound Boutique which offers ultrasound, retail and photography services to the mothers of Shawnee.
Lindsay Dyer opened Sweet Pea 4D Ultrasound Boutique which offers ultrasound, retail and photography services to the mothers of Shawnee.
Lindsay Dyer opened Sweet Pea 4D Ultrasound Boutique which offers ultrasound, retail and photography services to the mothers of Shawnee.

Shawnee native and mother of four Lindsay Dyer recently opened her own business, Sweet Pea 4D Boutique, which is a unique store that offers special services to local new mothers and mothers-to-be.  

According to Dyer, she opened the store to provide mothers and their families the opportunity to see their babies before they're born. 

"We are an ultrasound boutique so I do non-diagnostic 4D, 2D and 3D live ultrasounds and we have our Reveal Room, a large space that accommodates entire families," Dyer said.  

The business owner explained mothers and their families can see the baby in 4D on a large 82-inch screen television and they're able to take home photos or a heartbeat animal in which the baby's heartbeat plays when the animal is squeezed. 

Located at 106 E. Main Street in Downtown Shawnee, Dyer said Sweet Pea also offers a retail section for mothers and their babies. 

"We have maternity clothes. We carry newborn clothing, diaper bags, nursing pillows and all kinds of gear for babies," Dyer said. "We have organic oils, lotions, diaper creams and that kind of stuff for mommas."  

Along with the ultrasound and retail aspects, Dyer is also a photographer.  

"Within our building in the back I also have a newborn photography studio and so mommas are able to come in and have the baby's picture taken after the baby is born," Dyer said. 

Sweet Pea also offers a weekly phlebotomist service for parents who wish to know the gender of their baby as early as eight weeks into the pregnancy. 

After she received her degree in sonographer at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2003, Dyer said for 10 years, she worked in different hospitals in Oklahoma City and Dallas.  

However, Dyer said 13 years ago she and her husband Brandon moved back to Shawnee with their three children, Noah, Luke and Hadley and then had their fourth child, Lily, shortly after that.  

"At that point I decided to stay home with our kiddos and it was then that I really started my photography business," Dyer said.  

The photographer said after her youngest child started school, she decided she wanted to get back in the workforce, but didn't entirely know what to do.  

"I accepted a part time position with United Way and within a year I became the executive director of United Way," Dyer said. "So, I did that for the past five years but ultrasound is my passion." 

She actually originally had the idea to open an ultrasound boutique a decade ago, but it wasn't possible to pursue at the time.  

"So just over the past couple of years...I started having some conversations with different physicians and they were sending all their patients who wanted a 4D ultrasound to (Oklahoma City)," Dyer said. "So, I thought I'd really love to be able to offer something like this in Shawnee."  

It was then Dyer said that the idea for Sweet Pea was born and a plan fell into motion.  

"My husband and I are from Shawnee. This is our home and so it's just really important to us to be able to continue to see our town grow and prosper," Dyer said. 

The business owner said Sweet Pea's soft opening was Nov. 17 and the grand opening was Nov. 21.  

"It was great. We had a really great turnout. We had lots of people coming in to see the space and we've had lots of support from the community and we're really thankful for that," Dyer said.  

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shawnee resident said she has implemented safety measures to keep mothers and their families safe.  

"We wear masks at all times and we're practicing social distancing," Dyer said. "With the ultrasound we're cleaning the machine after every examine."  

At this point in time Dyer said only family members can come to an ultrasound viewing. 

Since opening, Dyer said she has seen seven mothers-to-be who have all appreciated seeing their baby. 

"All of them have been so excited and what I am finding out is because of COVID-19 within the hospitals, significant others have not seen the baby at all (until going to Sweet Pea)," Dyer said. "Being able to offer that is pretty special."  

Dyer said she's looking forward to running her own business and providing services to mothers that haven't been offered in Shawnee until now.  

"I am so excited to offer this unique experience to our community," Dyer said. "I love meeting people and getting to be a part of that exciting time of their lives."  

While she's excited for her new business, Dyer said she is expecting challenges to arise.  

"I think COVID-19 is a huge fear and opening a new business within COVID is scary and then just people learning about what all it is," Dyer said. "It's more than just ultrasounds."  

She said building and making her dream of Sweet Pea a reality has been a friends and family effort. 

"We are so thankful to our friends and family because we could not have done it without them," Dyer said.  

Going forward, she is looking forward to growing Sweet Pea.  

"I have a really strong good feeling that we're going to be successful and it's really special for me," Dyer said.  

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