Pott. County Sheriff to get new radios, vehicles

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
One of the 11 new Dodge Durangos marked with a Pottawatomie County decal.

In their regular meeting Monday, Pottawatomie County Commissioners approved the County Sheriff's Office's request to use a grant for four new car radios and two handheld radios. 

According to Sheriff Mike Booth, the Sheriff's Office originally wanted to use a JAG-LLE grant totaling around $10,000 for eight handheld radios. 

However, Booth said, the Sheriff’s Office decided there was a greater need for the car radios and decided to adjust how they wanted to use the grant. 

Booth said car radios make it easier for deputies to drive and approach a scene.  

"Handheld radios are important but the car radios have more range and they're more helpful (to deputies)," Booth said. 

The sheriff explained the radios will be installed in four of the new 11 vehicles the Sheriff's Office received funding for from commissioners back in March. 

As of now, Booth said the Sheriff's Office has received five of the eight Dodge pick up trucks and three Dodge Durangos, which are currently being marked and outfitted with equipment. 

Booth explained the Sheriff's Office will receive the rest of the vehicles soon and they will also be marked and outfitted. 

As the new cars come in, Booth said the best functioning car radios currently in the Sheriff's Office's fleet of 2013 Ford pickups will be placed in the pick ups and Doge Durangos. 

Booth said soon deputies will be driving their new vehicals and the Sheriff's Office will begin paying back half of the $406,182 they received from the county to purchase the cars in four yearly installments. 

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