Pott. County nursing homes to receive COVID-19 vaccines

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Golden Rule Home.

Throughout the country, frontline workers and nursing home residents are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, including residents and staff members in nursing homes within Pottawatomie County.  

According to Marilyn Love, administrator of McLoud Nursing Home, residents and employees are scheduled to receive the first dose of the vaccine during the first few weeks of January. 

Love said the nursing center is currently working on filling out consent forms for residents to receive the vaccine.  

In addition to McLoud, Golden Rule Home in Bethel Acres will also have residents fill out consent forms to receive the Pfizer vaccine.  

According to Administrator Jessica Mitchell, Golden Rule is partnering with CVS and will give both residents and staff their first vaccine shot beginning Dec. 28.  

She said everyone will receive their second shot 21 days after their first which is Jan. 18.  

CVS will be providing approximately 104 vaccines for both staff and residents, she added. 

So far, Mitchell said about 98 percent of residents have said they will get the vaccine and about 50 percent of the staff said they would receive it as well.  

Mitchell said Golden Rule Home respects anyone's choice not to get the vaccine due to religious reasons. 

In addition, Mitchell said while the vaccine is a step forward to ending the pandemic, many have mixed feelings because the long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown.  

However, Mitchell said it's exciting to know the world might be a step closer to ending the pandemic and hopes Golden Rule Home can return to normal soon.