North Rock Creek counselor also self-taught baker

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
North Rock Creek counselor Ashley Moody teaching one of her cookie decorating classes last year.
North Rock Creek High School counselor Ashley Moody runs Birdie's Bakery in addition to helping the students of NRC.

In addition to helping the students of North Rock Creek High School and raising her children, mother of two and counselor Ashley Moody also decorates cookies and runs Birdie's Bakery. 

According to Moody, her side business began when she taught herself how to make and decorate sugar cookies for her son's birthday party four years ago.  

"It came naturally to me. I started having people ask me if I would teach them how to decorate cookies. So, every once in a while I teach people the basics," Moody said.  

For Moody the best part of decorating cookies is the opportunity to make unique designs. 

"I like the creative aspect. I like designing fun things and using fun combinations of different colors and sometimes it can be pretty relaxing after I've taught all day long," Moody said.  

Mood said she grew up in Norman, attended Southern Nazarene University, taught at McLoud Public Schools for 15 years and now works with her husband and Superintendent Dr. Blake Moody at NRC as a math teacher and counselor.  

The mother of two said she gave up her nursing degree to become a teacher because she missed math and decided to go into math education.  

The educator said while decorating cookies is a fun hobby that she's happy to do, ultimately, she loves working with students.  

"If I had to choose between teaching and doing cookies teaching hands down," Moody said. "Cookies is just a fun little hobby and a creative outlet for me."  

Moody said her decorating schedule is dependent on her school schedule because her students come first. 

However, the cookie decorator said while she prioritizes her students and her role as an educator, she loves Birdie's Bakery and is amazed at the response she still receives from the community. 

"It blows me away. Every time I post a pre-order for holidays just the amount of support is overwhelming," Moody said.  

In addition to orders, Moody said she also teaches cookie decorating classes which often fill up.  

"People have just been very receptive and kind and supportive and obviously I think they enjoy them because they wouldn't keep coming back," Moody said. "I have very loyal customers." 

The cookie decorator said she always brings her samples to her students who always love them.  

Moody also said her orders are primarily local and she doesn't really do orders outside of Pottawatomie County. 

The mother of two said Birdie's Bakery is named after her daughter Macie's nick name because Macie helps Moody with several aspects of the business including classes, planning and packaging.  

Moody said this year she's adapted Birdie's Bakery to the pandemic.  

"I do a lot of porch pickups. People have been really crazy about cookies during COVID-19," Moody said. "My orders have kind of increased quite a bit.”  

Along with cookies Moody said she sells cookie decorating kits for people to make cookies at home. She also does socially distance decorating classes. 

Moody said while she loves Birdie's Bakery she makes as many cookies as she can right now and doesn't plan on expanding.  

"I just hope the people who order from continue ordering and that I get to keep making cute cookies for people," Moody said.  

For more information visit the Birdie's Bakery Facebook page.